Colorful Salad

This one’s quick only because we had prepped ingredients on hand…seems to be a recurring theme, eh? That’s the hardest part about this FODMAP stuff. No grabbing takeout or processed food. I find it tough to keep cooking all the time when I’m overworked and tired. My awesome husband threw this together with the stuff we had :)

3 cups fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup chopped multicolor bell peppers (I buy already cut into chunks and de-seeded at my local Kroger, then chop into bits for cooking & salads)
2-3 tbl. crumbled feta
roasted butternut squash (max 1/4 cup if FODMAP; I get this chopped at Kroger and roast with oil & salt, 400F, 25 min)
1-2 tbl. pine nuts

If I’d had the time or inclination, we would have thrown in some peeled, chopped cucumber as well. Alas. It’s still tasty and very satisfying, due to the freshness, the combo of flavors AND the butternut squash making it filling.

I like to make bigger amounts of Kate Scarlata’s mustardy dressing to keep around, which you can find on her blog.

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